CMMS Software with Industry 4.0 principles

CMMS Software with Industry 4.0 principles

New CMMS software approach

The Productoo Plant Maintenance CMMS software can surprise you by a complete new design and approach towards PM Technician’s daily operations. It is a completely new, for Fortune 500 leaders designed, Smart Factory Software.



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CMMS Software for Industry 4.0 powered by Productoo

CMMS Software for Industry 4.0 powered by Productoo


Productoo is connected to SAP


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Industry 4.0 Principles involved in Productoo Plant Maintenance Application

We strongly focus on:

  • UX (User Experience)
  • Intuitivness
  • Running on any device
  • Touch gestures
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Automated connection with other devices and systems


CMMS Software Industry 4.0 Plant Maintenance

CMMS Software Industry 4.0 Plant Maintenance

Global Deployments and Support.

Designed for Fortune 500 companies.“

Modules of the Productoo Plant Maintenance software

The Productoo SAP CMMS software consist of several modules. These modules are natively connected to Productoo Production Control Application (with Electronic Kanban) and to Productoo Factory Cockpit as well.

The PM Application modules are as follows:

  1. Functional Locations & Equipment
  2. Employees (PM Technicians)
  3. Barcode scanner (Productoo Mobile App needed)
  4. Documents Storage
  5. Preventive Maintenance
  6. Corrective Maintenance
  7. Maintenance Notifications
  8. Maintenance Work Orders
  9. Historical data
  10. Spare parts evidence
  11. SAP Connector (IDOCs, RFC, SAP BC)
  12. Instant reporting tool
  13. Customisation


Productoo runs on any device: PC, Mac, tablet and any platform: iOS, Android, Windows


Smart Factory Mobile app involved

You can use for reporting and daily operations also Productoo Mobile App, which is independent on the platform (iOS, Android):

Smart Factory CMMS Software mobile App powered by Productoo

Smart Factory CMMS Software mobile App powered by Productoo

Daily job & Flexibility with Productoo Plant Maintenance

It is very easy to operate the Productoo PM. You can just take any device in your (Smart) Factory and use it. The software can be operated by your finger on the tablet or by mouse in your PC. You can use any platform (Windows, iOS, osX, Android). Operations and actions are quick and intuitive:


Productoo PM software | Technician detail

Productoo PM software | Technician detail


Notification creation

Very frequent task in Plant Maintenance is creation of Maintenance Notifications. By Productoo Smart Factory Suite you can use these main 4 ways of how create Plant Maintenance Notification:

  1. Create in Productoo CMMS software engine
  2. Create in Productoo Fiori App
  3. Create in SAP
  4. Create Automatically from the PLC / OPC communication with the Machine


Create Notification in Productoo Plant Maintenance | Industry 4.0 principles

Create Notification in Productoo Plant Maintenance | Industry 4.0 principles


Vistualisation in 3D / Virtual Factory

The whole Plant Maintenance process can be visualised in the Virtual Factory Productoo Application:

Virtual Manufacturing | Virtual Factory Software

Virtual Manufacturing | Virtual Factory Software



Stay in touch 24/7 using Productoo mobile app

No matter if you're out your office. Stay in touch with your business by our outstanding mobile app, which lets you conveniently access many features of Productoo software in your cellphone. Enjoy useful realtime stats, current overviews, emergency push notifications and much more. Productoo mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.


5 reasons to use our mobile app

  • realtime stats and reports
  • useful push notifications
  • alert monitoring
  • server & availability monitoring
  • version & evolution infomation

Would you like to try our Productoo Plant Maintenance Demo?

You can try a live demo for all of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite Applications. Just contact us and schedule it according to your time availability.


If CMMS software is not the point you are looking for, try our Virtual Plant and Production Scheduling Productoo Application.


Very easy to use, just use your finger, touch gestures and on any device. It takes only a few weeks for implementation. Running on 5 continents. Approved in Automotive and Engineering industry. Extraordinary feedback from the users. Pricing according to number of plants. Global deployments and Support 24/7.


Virtual Factory

Factory Cockpit brings you a unique real-time 3D view of the entire factory floor with instant access to important business metrics.


Production Scheduling Software with Electronic Kanban

Standalone / SAP connected Production Scheduling Software. Designed for Fortune 500 Global manufacturing companies. Global deployment and 24/7 support.

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