Kanban app to buy

Kanban app to buy

What is Productoo® Kanban App

Productoo® Kanban app is a unique web based kanban application which is ideal for managing the manufacturing process:

  • easily
  • visually
  • by touch & gestures technology.

It represents the ideal kanban software for automotive and repetitive manufacturing.


Kanban app consists of these modules:

  • Kanban app <-> SAP synchronization
  • Production declaration with kanban app touchscreen
  • Capacity management / shift management
  • Management of changeovers
  • Management of takt time / rate routings
  • Declaration of production
  • Management of non-conforming / non-full kanbans / pallets

What is brand new about Productoo® eKanban?

Productoo eKanban software brings completely new:

  • view
  • design
  • control
  • easiness

to managing kanbans as you know them from SAP, other software or classic kanban paperwork.

Productoo eKanban Shopfloor declaration screen

Productoo eKanban Shopfloor declaration screen

Can I get a decent price for the eKanban app?

We think you will be surprised by the reasonable price of the software. There are a few pricing plans and you can choose the optimal one for you and your company or concern.

“Change your manufacturing & kanban management for 10 EUR/day for the whole plant.”

How can you get or try Productoo kanban app?

The Productoo Kanban software development company is based in Europe, however, you can contact our partners worldwide.

Our skilled consultants are ready to help you compare Productoo kanban app with other products. They can also provide assistance with the feasibility study of Productoo eKanban implementation in your factory.

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Contacts for Productoo eKanban app

Worldwide: Productoo Ltd. or Silveo Ltd, office@productoo.com

Manufacturing 4.0 / Smart factory

Productoo Kanban app® is a member of Smart factory / Manufacturing 4.0 web based applications which are being developed by Productoo company.

The software is very easy to operate. Great User Experience.

With Productoo Kanban software® you just need your web browser. We are platform independent. We are database independent. And we are paper independent 🙂

“There is no need of paperwork anymore.”

We have also prepared a demo version of Productoo kanban software® so that you can try it anywhere, anytime.


Request a LIVE Demo

We will be happy to show you all system's possibilities and give access to the application DEMO for free.

Request a LIVE Demo

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