Kanban board online delivered by Productoo®

Kanban board online delivered by Productoo®

How does Productoo® Kanban Board Online work?

Productoo® kanban software gives you several views of the kanban management. One of them is the kanban board online.
However, we provide the user with much more functionality related to kanban management.

Productoo kanban software modules

Advantages and technologies brought in Productoo kanban software

  • You only need a web browser
  • Easy to use
  • Drag & Drop technology
  • Touchscreen technology
  • HTML5 universal environment
  • Decent licensing and pricing
  • Independence of platforms

At the same time you can benefit from using SAP system as the biggest ERP software in the world with more than 140 000 implementations.

Upstream Planning Productoo

Upstream Planning Productoo

Kanban software modules

  1. Production planner cockpit
  2. Shift / capacity management
  3. Production declaration touchscreen
  4. Kanban board online
  5. Line feeder view
  6. Managerial view
  7. Complete electronic sequencer functionality
  8. Connector to SAP (with the technology of IDOCs)
  9. Connector to SAP BC (SAP Business Connector)
  10. Connector to any other application with usage of XML exchange

What is brand new about Productoo® Kanban software?

The Productoo eKanban software brings completely new:

  • Design: The web environment provides us with almost endless possibilities of creativity and design made to measure and serve the users.
  • Control: You can use Drag & Drop, Touch, Gestures and many more new features you know from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Feeling: You are really happy when all your production planning is done within 4 minutes compared with the long hours before. Nice and easy. Just feel good about your work!
  • Licensing: You don’t need to be SAP licensed. You can be licensed per day, per plant, it depends on your needs.
  • Independence: We are not obliged to use any platform or database. Just implement our product and use it.

And the kanban software is a part of the whole Smart Factory Software suite, which involves also Plant Maintenance and Virtual factory:

Smart Factory Software Productoo

Smart Factory Software Productoo

No more paperwork

Just switch your papers and rather tough administration of paper kanbans for a brand new e-kanban software application Productoo® and online kanban board.

“No paperwork. No mess. Just your tablet, cell phone or computer.”

We have also prepared a demo version of Productoo kanban software® so that you can try it anywhere, anytime.

Electronic kanban board online

Productoo NoLogo Warehouse view – Electronic kanban

Can I get a decent price for the Kanban app and the Kanban board online?

We think you will be surprised by the reasonable price of the software. There are a few pricing plans and you can choose the optimal one for you and your company or concern.

“Change your manufacturing & kanban management for 10 EUR/day for the whole plant.”

How can you get or try Productoo eKanban?

The Productoo Kanban software development company is based in Europe, however, you can contact our partners worldwide.

Our skilled consultants are ready to help you compare Productoo eKanban with other products. They can also provide assistance with the feasibility study of Productoo eKanban implementation in your factory.

Contacts for Productoo Kanban board online

Europe: Productoo Ltd., Czech Republic, office@productoo.com

Worldwide: Productoo Ltd. or Silveo Ltd, office@productoo.com

North and South America: Glenn Weidner, Chief of foreign operations, Productoo Ltd. weidner@productoo.com

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