Plant Maintenance Software

Plant Maintenance Software

Plant Maintenance: CMMS Software for Keeping Your Plant in Order

Maintenance management systems play a key role in making sure your production goes smoothly. Good CMMS software helps you not only carry out emergency repairs but also schedule regular maintenance tasks.

Plant Maintenance Software | CMMS Productoo

Plant Maintenance Software | CMMS Productoo


Productoo is connected to SAP.


Plant Maintenance is an Industry 4.0 tool that takes care of all aspects of the maintenance process. OK, it can’t actually do the repairs (yet)… but:

  • it’s intuitive and user-friendly
  • You can schedule and track maintenance tasks with the touch of a finger
  • it runs on any mobile device
  • You’ll always be up-to-date thanks to notifications
  • you can connect it to SAP

You have instant access to all the data about your equipment and technicians


Running on 5 Continents. Global Support.


A lot of data, no paper

Scan the barcode of a piece of equipment or look up its number. Find out about scheduled maintenance tasks, their history and components. But there’s more. Want to know the name of the technician qualified to repair the equipment? His training schedule? Documentation? It’s all there.

Quick and intuitive

Plant Maintenance is extremely intuitive and user-friendly thanks to the size of the icons and the use of colors. Just one look at the screen tells you if things are going well. The operation is as simple as it gets: inform the right people about a problem just by touching a notification button.

SAP compatible

Plant Maintenance connects to Factory Cockpit (Virtual Plant Software) and our mobile app: you can select which notifications and alerts you want to get. You can also connect it to SAP or have it implemented with the whole SAP Plant Maintenance module.

Easy implementation

Get your Plant Maintenance App running in 2-8 weeks. We have also prepared a free trial/demo so you can get a head start on all the cool features.


Productoo runs on any device: PC, Mac, tablet and any platform: iOS, Android, Windows


Mobile App Available

Your Technicians or Plant Maintenance Managers can be online everywhere w/o need to start-up their computers. The reporting, alert management and Issue notification is also provided by the Productoo Mobile App:

Productoo Plant Maintenance Mobile Application

Productoo Plant Maintenance Mobile Application


Stay in touch 24/7 using Productoo mobile app

No matter if you're out your office. Stay in touch with your business by our outstanding mobile app, which lets you conveniently access many features of Productoo software in your cellphone. Enjoy useful realtime stats, current overviews, emergency push notifications and much more. Productoo mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.


5 reasons to use our mobile app

  • realtime stats and reports
  • useful push notifications
  • alert monitoring
  • server & availability monitoring
  • version & evolution infomation

Would you like to try our Productoo Plant Maintenance Demo?

You can try a live demo for all of the Productoo Smart Factory Suite Applications. Just contact us and schedule it according to your time availability.


If CMMS software is not the point you are looking for, try our Virtual Plant and Production Scheduling Productoo Application.


Very easy to use, just use your finger, touch gestures and on any device. It takes only a few weeks for implementation. Running on 5 continents. Approved in Automotive and Engineering industry. Extraordinary feedback from the users. Pricing according to number of plants. Global deployments and Support 24/7.


Virtual Factory

Factory Cockpit brings you a unique real-time 3D view of the entire factory floor with instant access to important business metrics.


Production Scheduling Software with Electronic Kanban

Standalone / SAP connected Production Scheduling Software. Designed for Fortune 500 Global manufacturing companies. Global deployment and 24/7 support.


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We will be happy to show you all system's possibilities and give access to the application DEMO for free.

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