SAP API to Productoo by SAP Business Connector

SAP API to Productoo by SAP Business Connector

How Productoo is connected to SAP

Productoo application communicates with other applications through 3 channels:

1) IDOCs / SAP Business connector

  • It gives you a full connection to the world’s most spread and most developed ERP system SAP.
  • We use IDOCs transfers.
  • All communication is processed by the SAP Business Connector application.

2) XML transfers

  • We use the well-known XML filetype for transferring data between systems.
  • Productoo software can export data into XML and import data from XML files.

3) Productoo API

  • Any software can use data provided by Productoo API.


  • Direct connection to SAP programs and functional modules

How long it takes to set up the SAP Business connector

Our experience shows that the setup of the communication between SAP and Productoo software usually takes 2-3 business days. This is enough to set up and validate the data transfers between both systems.

After the setup, the data is generated in the SAP system in the IDOC format and transferred to Productoo. Similarly, all updates are transferred back to SAP in the format of IDOC.

Electronic kanban powered by SAP Business connector

Electronic kanban powered by SAP Business connector

electronic kanban software & SAP connection

The software supports several areas of the Pull system manufacturing process. The basic software features are:

  • Synchronization of kanbans and outbound deliveries with SAP
  • Assignment of kanbans to production lines (manually or automatically)
  • Capacity management / shift management
  • Management of changeovers
  • Management of takt time / rate routings
  • Declaration of production
  • Management of non-conforming / non-full kanbans / pallets

kanban pull system


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5 reasons to use our mobile app

  • realtime stats and reports
  • useful push notifications
  • alert monitoring
  • server & availability monitoring
  • version & evolution infomation

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