Smart Factory Logistics

Smart Factory Logistics

How we can setup Smart Factory Logistics project?

Try Industry 4.0 based software Productoo covering Smart Factory Logistics within your Smart Factory. Web Based, SAP connected. Global Support.


How the software works to support Smart Factory Logistics?

Actually the Productoo Smart Factory Software:

  1. Create the Sales Demand immediately when received from the Customer (i.e. by EDI)
  2. Then split the Demand to Deliveries
  3. Calculate kanbans out of Deliveries and transfer them to Finish product lines
  4. Based on BOM (Bill of Material) calculates the electronic kanbans for Semifinish lines and Raw material withdrawal from Warehouse.
  5. Then the whole Smart Factory Logistics process visualise in the Virtual Factory Application.


Smart Factory Logistics

Smart Factory Logistics

How to start with implementation?

As the whole Logistics and Manufacturing process is different across the plants, we usually execute approximately 2 days visit in the plant. Then we select the appropriate functionality (software modules) from the Productoo Smart Factory Suite.

By combination of above mentioned functionality we can setup a timeline how the Smart Factory project schedule should be executed.


Which areas are covered by Productoo software?

There are 3 main Logistics areas we support with Productoo:


#1 | Virtual Factory

“See your plant as in a computer game. Synchronise it with Mobile app as well.”

The virtual factory framework is here to let you design and manage the factory from any place in the world on any device:



#2 | Production Scheduling software

“What took 4 hours for planning, now takes 4 minutes.”

Complete set of tool for Daily / Weekly Production scheduling. Supporting standard principles and planning tools used in Manufacturing:

  • SAP Connected
  • Kanban objects
  • Work orders objects
  • Shifts planning
  • Parallel planning
  • Change over times management
  • Breaks management
  • Redbox
  • Alert monitor
Productoo eKanban Shift management screen

Productoo eKanban Shift management screen


#3 | CMMS Sofware

“Your Technicians have been waiting for such a tool for years. Now it is here for them.”

Designed for Plant Maintenance technicians in order to be flexible and available to use any device. Synchronised with SAP.

CMMS Software Industry 4.0 Plant Maintenance

CMMS Software Industry 4.0 Plant Maintenance


Stay in touch 24/7 using Productoo mobile app

No matter if you're out your office. Stay in touch with your business by our outstanding mobile app, which lets you conveniently access many features of Productoo software in your cellphone. Enjoy useful realtime stats, current overviews, emergency push notifications and much more. Productoo mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.


5 reasons to use our mobile app

  • realtime stats and reports
  • useful push notifications
  • alert monitoring
  • server & availability monitoring
  • version & evolution infomation

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