Virtual Plant Software with Industry 4.0 principles

Virtual Plant Software with Industry 4.0 principles

Factory Cockpit: Your Virtual Plant / Factory

In the fast-paced world of today, more and more manufacturers are turning to smart digital tools to optimize their production and reduce costs.  The goal is to create a factory of the future, where all data and processes are managed digitally, ensuring quick, easy and flexible planning and reporting.

Designed for Fortune 500 Manufacturers.


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Productoo Factory Cockpit is the perfect tool for this task. Enter the world of Industry 4.0!

Virtual Plant for Industry 4.0 powered by Productoo Manufacturing

Virtual Plant for Industry 4.0 powered by Productoo Manufacturing


Like a computer game

Factory Cockpit brings you a unique real-time 3D view of the entire factory floor with instant access to important business metrics that you need to manage your plant. It’s like having your own factory simulation – but with real-time operations and data. Drag and drop predefined objects to match your factory layout. It’s almost like a computer game!



Running on 5 Continents. Global Support.


Modules of the Virtual plant software

The Productoo Factory cockpit Virtual factory software consists of several modules. These modules are natively connected to Productoo CMSS software Application and to Productoo Production Scheduling Software as well.


The Factory Cockpit Application modules are as follows

  1. Notifications
  2. Plant Designer
  3. Presets
  4. App connector
  5. Initial set of Icons
  6. Customisation
  7. Mobile App


Productoo runs on any device: PC, Mac, tablet and any platform: iOS, Android, Windows.

Virtual Plant software | Smart factory software suite

Virtual Plant software | Smart factory software suite


Software Features

No more paper – just your finger

Go digital! With Factory Cockpit, you can easily follow factory performance on one screen with the touch of a finger – and get rid of the tons of paper you’ve been using!

Be informed

Factory Cockpit connects to and displays data from Production Control and Plant Maintenance applications. But it doesn’t stop there. Connection and display of data from 3rd party ERP or other systems is a breeze.

Travel back in time

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Well, you can with Factory Cockpit. We know that as a manager you can’t be in your plant 24/7. Use the time traveller function and select which point in the past seven days you want to go to.

Report like a pro

Creating reports has never been easier. Just select the KPIs you’re interested in and your report will be ready in the blink of an eye.


The Plant managers have been waiting for this software for years.


Always within reach with Mobile App

You can use the notification center to subscribe to issues and receive alerts. Factory Cockpit runs on any mobile device. We have also developed a mobile app that will get you up to speed any time, anywhere.

Productoo Mobile App for Industry 4.0 software

Productoo Mobile App for Industry 4.0 software


Fast and easy implementation

Have your plant at your fingertips with Factory Cockpit in less than 8 weeks.

Get a demo and try out all the features. There’ll only be one question in your head: Why didn’t someone come up with this before?

Pilot your plant into the world of Industry 4.0!


Stay in touch 24/7 using Productoo mobile app

No matter if you're out your office. Stay in touch with your business by our outstanding mobile app, which lets you conveniently access many features of Productoo software in your cellphone. Enjoy useful realtime stats, current overviews, emergency push notifications and much more. Productoo mobile is available for iOS and Android devices.


5 reasons to use our mobile app

  • realtime stats and reports
  • useful push notifications
  • alert monitoring
  • server & availability monitoring
  • version & evolution infomation

If  Virtual Factory software is not the point you are looking for, try our Production Scheduling Software and CMMS software Productoo Application.


Very easy to use, just use your finger, touch gestures and on any device. It takes only a few weeks for implementation. Running on 5 continents. Approved in Automotive and Engineering industry. Extraordinary feedback from the users. Pricing according to number of plants. Global deployments and Support 24/7.


Production Scheduling Software with Electronic Kanban

Standalone / SAP connected Production Scheduling Software. Designed for Fortune 500 Global manufacturing companies. Global deployment and 24/7 support.


CMMS Software Productoo

Standalone / SAP connected CMMS. Designed for Fortune 500 Global manufacturing companies. Global deployment and 24/7 support.

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