Web based Manufacturing 4.0 by Productoo

Web based Manufacturing 4.0 by Productoo

Web based manufacturing with Productoo® software

You can change your manufacturing and kanban process completely with Productoo web based manufacturing electronic kanban. We have created brand new improvements in the way of kanban management and Assemble to Order management.

Web based manufacturing software Productoo

Web based manufacturing software Productoo

No more paperwork

Just switch your papers and rather tough administration of paper kanbans for a brand new kanban software application Productoo®.

“No paperwork. No mess. Just your tablet, cell phone or computer.”

We have also prepared a demo version of Productoo kanban software® so that you can try it anywhere, anytime.

5 cutting-edge enhancements in Productoo e-kanban software

  • Design: Design based on HTML5 technology. Endless opportunities in graphic and design improvements according to user’s requests.
  • Control: Try and have fun with Drag & Drop, Touch, Gestures and many more new features you know from using your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Feeling: People are simply happy when using the Productoo e-kanban app in comparison with their old kanban management done by paper or other apps.
  • Licensing: You don’t need to be SAP licensed. You can be licensed per day, per plant, it depends on your needs.
  • Independence: No database type required. No web browser type required. No 3rd party software required. Be independent with our software. Just use it.
Productoo web based manufacturing software

Productoo web based manufacturing software

Electronic kanban software specifics

The e-kanban transfers the full functionality of kanban into the electronic way. Sometimes it is called electronic kanban or electronic sequencer.

Productoo kanban app can help you manage the following activities:

  • Synchronize kanbans and outbound deliveries with SAP
  • Automatically or manually assign kanbans to production lines
  • Capacity management / shift management
  • Management of changeovers 
  • Management of takt time / rate routings
  • Declaration of production
  • Management of non-conforming / non-full kanbans / pallets

How can you get or try Productoo electronic kanban?

The Productoo kanban software development company is based in Europe, however, you can contact our partners worldwide.

Our skilled consultants are ready to help you compare Productoo kanban app with other products. They can also provide assistance with the feasibility study of the Productoo kanban software implementation in your factory.

Contacts for Productoo eKanban

Worldwide: Productoo Ltd. or Silveo Ltd, office@productoo.com


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